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a. Street Kids Welfare (Pathasisu Unnayan)Project
b. Non Formal Education (Sikshan) Project
c. Health Care (Sasthya Pariseva) Project
d. Computer Learning Project
e. Sponsorship Project
f. Women Awareness(Mahila Shachetanata) Project
g. Self Help Group (Swanirvar) Project
h. Dog Project

The virtues of donations are great because it helps the needy and at the same time it gives an opportunity to the donor to give the surplus to the people in need. It helps the needy to sustain himself. -- Sam Veda


The Organization welcomes all National and International Volunteers and Students to join in our different Welfare activities for the under privilege children and women in Indian urban centers primarily Kolkata and its outskirts.

We have different options for the volunteers accordingly they can join us.
Q. Where the CRAWL head office is situated?
Ans. The Crawl head office is situated at Khardah. It is at the northern side of Kolkata beside Hoogly River. From Sealdah railway station, it is 19 KM away. From Dumdum airport, by Taxi, it will take one hour. The office is just beside the Khardah railway station (nearly 200m). Barrackpore Trunk road is very near to the head office. So by bus, it is nearly 100m. The market area is at its height. The whole area is very calm and peaceful.
Q. Do the volunteers need any specific qualification to participate in the projects?
Ans. No, they do not need any specific qualification. But the volunteers must adopt the soft kindhearted mentality to work with the poor street & slum kids. They must be willing to adapt to totally different cultures and different people. Volunteers will need to be flexible and expect different situations, though the local people will help them at every aspect whenever they will need.
Q. Must volunteers speak English?
Ans. No, but the medium of interaction between the members of the organization & the volunteers is English. So they are expected to speak a little bit of Basic English.
Q. Can volunteers participate in one project or they can join more than one project?
Ans. The volunteers can join more than one project but not more than two projects. In their application form they can choose their desired projects on whish they want to participate.
Q. What facilities will the Organization provide to the volunteers?
Ans. Organization will provide the proper living accommodations. Volunteers will stay in a flat, which is very near to the head office. Food will be provided three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) with tea or coffee twice (morning & evening). Seasonal fruits will also be provided by the organization. Travel expenses between the flat and the project will also be covered by the Organization.
Q. What kinds of communication facilities are available?
Ans. Many phone booths with ISD facilities & Internet in various cyber cafes (Rs.10-Rs.25 per hour) are available at Khardah area. In the flat, there is a mobile phone connection but it is only for incoming calls (for official purpose).
Q. If the volunteers would like to bring items from their country to help the projects, what types of items would be best? Ans. Medical items: rubber gloves, gauze, bandages, scissors, antibiotic ointment and other topical medicines, sterile washes, slings, ankle/wrist braces, etc. Educational items: colorful children's books, basic English, mathematics, computer learning books, markers, crayons, maps, teaching items or supplies, manipulative items for counting, tape recorders, children's song tapes (English preferred), etc. Other items: musical toys, games, blocks, jump ropes, outside toys, etc.
Q. Can the volunteers find personal care and toiletry items in Kolkata?
Ans. Yes, certainly. As Kolkata is one of the most important metropolitan cities of India, so here they will get everything of their daily needs.
Q. Does the organization relate to any kind of political or religious activities?
Ans. No.
Q. How much does a volunteer need to join any program?
Ans. For joining the program, the volunteer will only pay the registration/participation fees (which include food, accommodation, and travel expenses during the programs). To come to India, he/she will have to bear the flight cost. As he/she will work in slums and street areas among the children and women so he/she will have to take vaccine for safety. For such Vaccination cost, he/she will consult with the Indian embassy of his/her local city. He/she will also bear personal cost as per requirement.
Q. What kind of medical facilities are found in Kolkata?
Ans. There are many standard Hospitals and Nursing Homes found in and around Kolkata with specialist doctors. At every corner of the city, various medical stores are found. These medical stores keep good medicines in every sphere.
Q. What is the native language in Kolkata?
Ans. In Kolkata, the local languages are Bengali and Hindi. In slum and street projects, the women and the children generally speak Bengali.
Q. What kind of climate is prevalent in Kolkata?
Ans. If we go through the map of India, Kolkata is located at the eastern side of India in the province of West Bengal. In the December-January- February, the weather is cold as it is the winter season. The temperature varies from 12◦- 9◦C. Spring season comes here in the month of March. At that time the weather is very pleasant. The Bay of Bengal is not so far from this city. So April- May- June is experienced hot, humid climate. It is the summer season of West Bengal. The temperature is 32◦-38◦C. July - August is the rainy season. The beautiful autumn is prevalent here in September- October- November. The weather is very soothing. It is the season of colourful festivals.
Q. What about currency exchange in Kolkata?
Ans. Currency exchange is available at the International Airport when you arrive. You can also exchange currency at the New Market in the city. The best thing, however, is to bring an ATM card and withdraw rupees directly from your bank account - this way you save the fees that currency exchange charges. The ATM card is also safer and more convenient, as there are numerous ATM machines around the city.
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