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a. Street Kids Welfare (Pathasisu Unnayan)Project
b. Non Formal Education (Sikshan) Project
c. Health Care (Sasthya Pariseva) Project
d. Computer Learning Project
e. Sponsorship Project
f. Women Awareness(Mahila Shachetanata) Project
g. Self Help Group (Swanirvar) Project
h. Dog Project

The virtues of donations are great because it helps the needy and at the same time it gives an opportunity to the donor to give the surplus to the people in need. It helps the needy to sustain himself. -- Sam Veda


The Organization welcomes all National and International Volunteers and Students to join in our different Welfare activities for the under privilege children and women in Indian urban centers primarily Kolkata and its outskirts.

We have different options for the volunteers accordingly they can join us.
The Organization welcomes all National and International Volunteers and Students to participate in our different welfare activities for the underprivileged children and women in Indian urban centers primarily Kolkata and its outskirts.

Types of Volunteering:
. Long Term volunteer: 3 months to 1 year (please see Indian Tourist Visa information below under PLEASE NOTE heading)
. Middle term volunteer: 1 to 2 months
. Short term volunteer: 2 weeks to 3 weeks

Crawl needs volunteers 365 days a year so we accept volunteers for anytime during the year.

In all these Volunteering programs, our International volunteers get the opportunity to share experiences by participating in different projects.

Teaching English & basic Mathematics & General Knowledge to the poor slum and street kids
. Teaching crafts and drawings to the poor children
. Teaching basic knowledge of computer to the slum kids.
. Manual Volunteering in the different projects
. Nursing care to the needy persons as per their requirements.
. Helping the officials of the organization in different welfare projects etc.
. Regular participation in food distribution.
. Participate in occasional clothes distribution.
. Attend various entertainment programs in different projects.
. Participate in various awareness generating training programs related to slum women.
. Participating in craft programme among the slum women.

Work Place: Kolkata,

India Working hour: 4-6 hours per day.

Accommodation: Crawl provides a flat for volunteers (with modern facilities like westernized toilet, water connection, mineral water supply, refrigerator, hot plate for cooking, hot pot, individual safe and very secured lock box, mobile phone).
Accommodation above is for female volunteers; a separate guest house location accommodates male volunteers.

Age: 16 years and above.

Experience: Not required. Professionals are also welcome.

Language: Basic English required.

Visa required: Tourist
Documents required: 3 stamp size photographs and photo copy of Passport and Visa.
Medical/Travel Insurance, round trip air travel, pocket money, food money, personal transportation expenses, immunization cost are candidate's own responsibility. For immunization information please consult Indian embassy in your country.

PLEASE NOTE: Visa requirements differ slightly from country to country. Please see your individual country’s rules for the Indian Tourist Visa. In most cases a volunteer can only come into India for 3 month period of time. If you want to volunteer abroad or go abroad for a full year we suggest that you apply for a one year tourist visa for India (multiple entry) as well as a visa from a neighboring country. Then you can volunteer with Crawl for a 3 month period and then either travel or volunteer away from India for 2 months and return again for a 3 month stay volunteering with Crawl. Neighboring countries such as Bangladish, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are also poor countries that could benefit from volunteers. They are also beautiful countries to visit.

Funding for the organization comes from Donations from well-wishers and from Volunteers' Registration / Participation fees only.
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